City to Surf

Well, the time is apon me where i must go and try and kill myself in a 12km “fun run” Sure it will be fun, almost 5 thousand other people running to, at least i will be overtaking lots of slow people. That should boost my ego up a bit. I think i should get in around the 1hr mark. Anything less will be great. Although i haven’t gone for a run in the last few weeks, to busy with work, study and other things. I really should have gone for a run this arvo, but instead buggered around on my PC and chatted on IRC. Oh well guess i will make it, might be a little bit slower than i hoped. I’ll update you guys when i find out what time i did. I am meant to be going to work after running, but i don’t think that will happen. I think that i will call in sick or something. I have tried to give someone else the shift, but no one wants it. I really don’t want it. I also just got a new job, but that is a different post.

If anyone that lives in perth, wants to see lots of sad people running, you know where to go. My number in the race is 3238. Watch out for me 🙂

Exercise is the devil, i love the devil champions 🙂

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  1. natedog says:

    Dude, you’ll be sweet. Ever since i’ve known you, it’s been:

    “… i ran (insert distance between 4-10) km’s today…”

    And i used to think:

    “..this dude likes to run,… wicked :D”

    It reminds me of when i used to train. It’ll be a sick day for you and everyone else. I’m envious… if only the rugby wasn’t on… :p

    Don’t forget to flickr !

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