City to Surf II

Well i finished. I felt really good thru out the whole race. I did get a small stich for a bit, and a bit of muscle cramp, damn calves and bitumen don’t agree. I tried to run on the grass as much as possible. The weather, oh how i love thee, but really did you have to piss down cats, dogs, buckets and firetrucks full of water. I haven’t been that wet in ages. I think by the end of the race, i was carrying about 3 kg more, just from water in my shoes and in my shirt. Luckly i wore my waterproof cycling pants. Alas they aren’t that waterproof, just dry really quick, so i was soaked to the bone. It was the best run i have been on, i felt like i could have kept going for another 2-4 km. I was pumping, the hills that people said were killers, were like bumps in the horizion. I tried to sprint out the last 2km, i went a bit early. I so i slowed down a bit more, then in the last 500-600 metres, i went for the full sprint. I was flying past heaps of people. I still felt great until about 50m from the line, as i was weezing, and finding it hard to breath, so i pushed harder. I then though,

“mmmm, maybe i should slow down cause i don’t want to drop dead just before finishing”

So i slowed down abit, helped though to have been blocked in so i couldn’t overtake.

I want to do it again, maybe not today but in a few weeks. It was fun. I did get my time, although it will be adjusted later on, i did 12km in 1 hr 03 mins 37 sec. I’m hoping that comes down to around the 58 min or so mark. I will then be over the moon, and jumping toward the sun. 😛

I jumped on the bus back to town, and talked to a guy who works for the City of South-Perth in the Parks and Gardens area. Nice guy, so it looks like i have a contact there now, sweet. I drove home after getting changed in the carpark. Now i need to sleep, cause im buggered. I called in sick to work as well, don’t think i could talk to people now. I’m sleepy, so I will now head off to the land of Noddy and Big Ears and the Big Red Car.

Exercise is great Champions, you should try it 🙂

City to surf website

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