Damn Knee’s

Can i get another knee? Mine is playing up. This is the first time that it has done this, i can’t walk on it. Feels like i have got one of the nerves caught whilst running or sitting in the car for 1 hr back home. Damn it kills. I have to resort to hopping around the house, let me tell you. It is hard work, i have to leap over things, like heaters. Mainly cause i’m to lazy to move them 😛 I think i need a nurse. She would help me, get better. Oh well, i can dream can’t i?

Champions, blog day is coming, 31st August.

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2 Responses to Damn Knee’s

  1. Noodlez says:

    Kitta, Candy has that nurse outfit that would fit you….

  2. Kitta says:

    You better rest that knee tomorrow or your nurse will not be happy. :p

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