Good sore

I woke up today stiff all over. It was a feeling that i tend to like and dispise at the same time. I like it cause i can look back at why i’m sore. Running the City to Surf was great fun. I just need a good massage or a bit of deep heat to help get rid of the soreness. My shoulders are the sorest, cause they were in the same position for like 1hr. I tried to run with my arms by my side, then i thought i looked like a bit of a dick. So i stopped that. I guess water will be my friend today as well. I think it helps to release the toxins that build up in the muscles. Oh water, how i love thee. I think you shall be called “waterina”. Right now that sounds a bit nutso, i think that i should lay off the vodka water. Oh i forgot to update you on the knee, it is ok now, just must have been a temporary thing.It is still stuffed, lucky i’m sitting down all day in front of my PC doing assignments. I’ll test it out later on this week when i go for a jog 🙂 Still might need the nurse to look at it though;).

Good sore is fun champs. 🙂

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  1. Noodlez says:

    *In the funny voice that comes over PA systems*
    Paging Nurse Kitta, paging nurse Kitta, your presence is required at Lukes ward.

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