Am i the most hated man on the Internet?

Well some might think i am. Some wouldn’t know, and some wouldn’t give a rats (arse that is), some would be happy. Not to many people i think, except for close friends. But i now have a girlfriend. 😀 If i could put a bigger smiley face, i would. I’m over the moon!!! Most people know the feeling probably, of getting to know someone, then finally asking them out. This though was a different type of start to a relationship. It started over the Net. Now before you start thinking, Oh my god how did you know it was a chick, and not some 40 year old bald hairy guy. To tell you the truth, i didn’t. But i believed the pics that i saw, and just trusted her. Let me start from the begining sorta…..

I had just moved over from Melbourne, so had no friends. Life was shitty, i went to TAFE (College) and back on the bus. That was my excitement for the whole day. I was living in a brand new house in a brand new suburb. It was sleepsville. I then started getting on the net at nights, and looking for blogs. I was new to the blogosphere and wanted to get a feel for different blogs. They had really peaked my curiousity, why would people write stuff and put it on the net? I like that approach. SO back to the story. I was there searching different things thru blogger. Yes i started off in a blogspot account. I thought that was almost the whole blogosphere. Then i thought, hey lets do a search and see if i can find local blogs. Ones from around Perth. So i did, and came up with some search engine blog post things. I think i went to the Microsoft, pin point site thingo one. It was shitty, but i linked from there to another site and then onto another. It might have been Bloglines, im not sure. Anyhow it had a listing of the top blogs from Perth. There i found and I also found Bonwag, they looked good. She was a 20 something gal from the same area as me. Sweet i though, maybe i could make some friends thru this, and i quickly joined the forum. I had never even joined a forum or anything before. I think i was in one of those “Fuck it, i’ll give it a go” moods. I’m glad that i did 😀

The people in there are tops, a bit weird yes. I think sometimes we need a on-page Head examiner. It was fun to feel like part of a group of people. Lots of them were from perth too, so that made it better. Some possible friends in the future?? Who knows. I received a few PM’s from Kitta, she seemed nice. Then some suggested setting an IRC channel up. Big mistake, i haven’t slept normal hours since that damn creation was made!!! I think my study may be slightly affected, but it is SO much fun. I get on great guns with everyone. It then started, q’db. I dispise that thing. I look like a drongo, seriously. Me + no sleep = freaky weird ass comments. Don’t get me wrong, i do like it, makes me laugh. It started out slowly with Kitta. Firstly the general things, then we started getting to know each other. It was so much fun. I think everytime i left the chat, i felt like i was missing out on something. My nights were incomplete with out being on IRC. I even stopped watching Neighbours!!

So we chatted for a few months online, i like it liked that. I could be myself without having to be all “hey sweet cakes, your eyes come from heaven” bullshit. I don’t think i have ever used a pickup line on anyone. I know bit weird, but hey i’m a bit of a shy kinda guy around girls. I can chat to them fine, but anything more and i go “hey you’ve got nice boobies, oh crap i didn’t mean to say that” I have 4 sisters, so i know that chicks are just normal people, just with different bits. (Do i get a prize for that :P) I treat them like a gentleman would. Old fashioned i know, but hey that is me. I know that i am going to be coping crap for this, but i need to display my excitement somewhere!

I must admit i was scared of her looks for a while. It was like “Damn! this chicka likes me!!!??” I still don’t get it. I was smiling all last night, just knowing she is MY girlfriend (in a non-possessive way). Ok, then came the time i had to actually met her in the flesh. It was at Candy’s 21st Party. I was nervous as hell. It turned out to be a good night, lots of fun had by all. I liked her too, she is fun to be around. I couldn’t stop thinking about the next time i could see her. I was/am still travelling around a lot with my part time job, it is at the other end of the city. I am quitting that job soon. I have picked up something more to my liking. That is another blog.

So where was i……. oh yeah. She invited me around to Candy’s place, cause she was showing Candy how to use WordPress. I learn’t a few things as well. Like that beautiful “link button” in WP, it has been going in O/D in this post. We then lined up the next meeting, My house last night. I didn’t have anything planned. I just wanted to see how it went. I was thinking of just chatting or something, but then i thought of a DVD, we went and got out Hitched. Funny movie, learnt some things for later though ;). She was snuggling up to me, it was so cool. I after the movie, i asked her the corny question- “will you be my girlfriend?” i felt a bit dicky asking, but needed to know! Of course she said yes, i then kissed her forehead, and promptly dropped her home. The end.

Hope i got someone with that, cause it didnt end there, we kissed and that is all you need to know. So maybe i am one hated men of the internet? who know, who give a flying fuck? All i know is im going out with a wonderful chick named Kitta and your NOT, so :P.

Champions, the sun can’t hold me back, my smile is so much brighter.

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15 Responses to Am i the most hated man on the Internet?

  1. diggs says:

    Hernando, women want you, men want to be you… Ola to you!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Well, sorry things didn’t work out. Maybe it isn’t totally over.

    Why can’t there be more geeks in my area. Everytime I meet someone neat and interresting they live either states or countries away.

    Not many geeky hicks. That could be my problem 🙂

  3. Hernando says:

    Hello friends and loved ones….. It is Hernando again!

    In response to the happarent confusion surrounding my identity, I am in fact dating the family member you call Jessica. Rather than being an actual person, I am a projection of her dream man….. A bullfighter/cowboy from Spain who loves Garth Brooks, speaks fluent Spanish, Portugese, Italian, French, Japanese, Mandarin, German, Russian and Dutch, looks like a Spanish version of Matthew Mconaughey, has blue eyes, olive skin and owns a private lier jet that enables him to fly anywhere around the world at a moments notice. Hope that clears up the confusion!

    Much Love and huggies,
    Hernando Gonzalez

  4. Karma-Suture says:

    I was waiting for Kitta to make the announcement on her blog, I didn’t think to check here.

    Anyway, congratulations mate, and good luck dealing with the thousands of envious geeks sending you anonymous death threats.

    ::Karma logs into his gmail account::

  5. Shell says:

    Yes Noodlez, our Mum did post, bless her sweet lil cotton sox 🙂 As for this Hernando fello…I don’t get it…is this some sort of undercover agent to which I am unaware? Being that I am one of your sisters..I am not aware of any of us dating a spanish fellow. No offence here H…so I’m with Steve on the not hearing about wagon.

  6. Emz says:

    hey Lucas, awesome news ! im soooo excited for ya hey! only piece of advice from this liddle sis is that you keep your character, look after her really well and i love ya heaps ! look forward to seeing you in a few weeks now ! big smiles and hugs from London..xoxoxox

  7. Noodlez says:

    He he, your mum posted on your blog.
    I dont think my mum would know what to do if she found my blog. Dont thnk I want her too either :p

  8. Steve-o says:

    stoked for you again bro, nice to hear the details. put some pics of you two up on your site soon. Asking her to be your girlf might sound little tacky but it’d leave her in no doubt as to what you want! Is Hernando for real though, I hadn’t heard about him yet.
    Just imagine all the sites you can browse together and new smilies you can use. Don’t worry about being hated, sore losers if you ask me.

  9. Dexter says:

    I agree with Daniel. I seriously can’t beleive you said “will you be my girlfriend?â€?. If you do end up being the most hated guy on the internet, it will be because of THAT, you put men to shame. Hahaha.

    What was wrong with the pot plant though? Seriously?

  10. Hernando says:

    Hello Gussy, it is I Hernando…. your sister’s Spanish boyfriend.

    My friend, in Spain we have a saying ‘Without fear, one can never know bravery.’ I have always liked this saying….. bravery is not the removal of fear, but rather the power to continue in its presence. I know that I only find value in what I discover when I push past my fear…. and in love there is much to fear! But where there is much fear, there is much value to be discovered and bravery to be revealed! Happy discovering to you my tanned australian brother!

    Much love and huggies,
    Hernando Gonzalez

    P.S. I have translated what your friend ‘Azz’ has written above: ‘Stay tuned fellas, I have almost created the perfect woman, almost.’ Very strange! Ola!

  11. Azz says:

    Hey, good stuff Gussy.
    It’s cool to see all us old coffs guys are finaly pairing off in life. I’m happy for you. If you like her than she must be a special girl.

    Soy tan feliz, usted finalmente encontró a una chica que quiere usted.

  12. Mum says:

    Matey, I’m smiling for you too ! She sounds such a lovely person and I know that you deserve such a gem… enjoy getting to know each other… hope to meet Kitta one day soon….hint, hint..sorry if that all sounds corny but I haven’t has much practise having a son with a girlfriend !!!!

  13. diggsy says:

    I can’t believe it’s not butter. No seriously, i can’t!!

    Also congrats mate, sounds like it’s a lot of fun!

  14. Phobia says:

    I can’t believe she said “yes”

    Just joking. Congrats and stuff.

  15. Daniel says:

    I can’t believe you said “will you be my girlfriend”.

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