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Tweet I have been thinking about this over the last couple of days. Why does our water consumption go down over winter. I don’t mean domestic, i mean individual. Like recently i have taken up drinking large quanties of water. … Continue reading

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24 hours

Tweet No not the movie or even the Tv show, but a new record that i have set. Yes i finally did it. 24 hours awake, with NO stimulatants. Ok maybe a can of coke at a movie night, but … Continue reading

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Tweet I work at an ISP in Perth, it is a good company. I have only been working there for a few weeks, i havent taken many calls yet. I only work there part time, so it is good. I … Continue reading

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Tweet I’m going to commit a moral sin and tell you some thing that is going to scare you. Please be seated whilst reading this post. I know that the chances are that you will be seated but i needed … Continue reading

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Avon Decent

Tweet I went up to watch people shoot over rapids today in a white water race called the avon decent. It was quite fun, my friend Abby was in the race, she was towards the back of the field, but … Continue reading

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Human indulgeance

Tweet Well, i think i have found the most stupid thing i could think could ever happen. I migh make a poem out of it. I’m not a crash bag poet either! I was sitting on the loo today (sorry … Continue reading

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Brick Saws

Tweet I used a brick saw today, it was so much fun. I got a bit wet, but that is part of the fun. I wouldn’t like to be doing that job in winter. Your fingers would freeze, mine did … Continue reading

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Standing tall

Tweet I have been noticing lately lots of tall people that slouch. I’m no exception to the rule, i don’t like standing tall. I feel as though i stand out to much, it requires lots of self confidence to do … Continue reading

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Tweet Well i got another letter today, it is getting more serious. I am starting to get scared 🙁 The people i thought it was, aren’t the ones. So i am left with no one to go on. I’ll try … Continue reading

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Fan Mail/ Stalker

Tweet This is the postcard i was talking about in my previous posts. The back is on flickr so i wont but that here. The front is good enough. 🙂 Stalker, originally uploaded by The Gussy.

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