City to Surf III-The Saga Continues

Well i got my results for the city to surf. NOT HAPPY JAN. The stupid timing thing, BROKE!!! they weren’t even going to have finishing times up at all. I recieved an email explaining what happened. I don’t like it, i smell something mouldy. I think that are blaming the rain for making it stop. I don’t care what they say, it took me around 4 mins or more to get over the start line. I’m claiming i did 12k in under an hour. You can try and talk me out of it, i won’t listen. *la la la la la la la*

This from the email that i got today….

“The extremely wet conditions at the start certainly added another dimension to the event, but judging by the positive atmosphere at both the 12km and 4km start lines, did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of participants. Not only did the rain result in a sodden start, but also caused a number of logistical problems for event organisers, staff and volunteers. At the start and finish lines a number of generators malfunctioned resulting in disruption to communication, the band and some catering facilities. Along the course, the volume of water on the roadways in places caused some challenges for participants hoping for a clear run.

Timing Equipment

The very heavy, prolonged rainfall in the early morning also resulted in extensive damage to the timing equipment at the 12km and 4km start lines and as a result, start times were not able to be recorded by the timing mats. Fortunately, the weather had lifted sufficiently at City Beach Oval to allow for accurate recording of the finish times for participants wearing transponders. The result of this is that unfortunately net times are unavailable for the timed participants in the event, however gun times were recorded. “

Lame i say, generators failing. C’mon im sure there could have been other backup generators???
Guess i’m just pissed that i dont have an offical time to say, yes i did. That is the best race that i have EVER run. I felt as though i could have kept running all day, you know when you are just in the groove? i was in that groove, it was great. Oh well, im sure there is always next year….

Exercise is the spice of life champions.

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