plant test 2

Well it finally happened, i equalled Abby on a Plant id test!! I also passed this time. Last test i failed, cause i missed a week and then i didnt know what the plants looked like. I still screw up on these plants. But anyhow, im exicited cause normally Abby comes in and blitzes me on them, no matter how hard i study. So im glad i equallied her at least. Next step is to beat her, i only need like 1/2 mark to do that, so yeah. Heres to hoping.

Latin is a screwed language- don’t learn it!!!, champions

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3 Responses to plant test 2

  1. Dexter says:

    Well, seems we’re all doing well. I got my course results back…

    I got my certificate III with credit 😀

    not bad considering I was sure I had failed.

  2. Gussy says:

    Thanks kitta, i got 60.5 out of 70. Damn 80% pass marks. 😛

  3. Kitta says:

    Congratulations Luke.

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