PMS symptoms

Well this week i have felt like a woman on PMS…. up on cloud 9 one minute, down in the depths of hell the next. I don’t like feeling like this, i wish i could put a cap on my emotions sometimes. Although that ain’t to healthy, it would be nice. One minute i can be going off to a song and the next i’m a dribbling mess, then like 2 minutes later i’m back to “normal”. What ever “normal” is??

It doesn’t help when you go to work and all they play, all day are “The Greatest Love songs” CD. I think i heard the song by Elton John called “Nikita” about 6 times. Funny how a week is a long time, this time last week. I loved hearing that song, this week i almost dislike it. Still a good song though.

I went to Noodlez place last night, tried to get drunk. Didn’t happen, i just wasn’t in the mood. No one was drinking with me. i did manage to get thru about 1/3 a bottle of whisky though, but didn’t feel at all drunk 🙁 So that made things a bit hard, we did watch Takeshi’s Castle. That is one freaky ass show.

They say time heals all wounds, i must say it might be true, Champions

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2 Responses to PMS symptoms

  1. Dexter says:

    Oh Em Gee I love that show! It’s fawking awesome!

  2. Dogmatix says:

    Hey man,

    Sorry i couldn’t be there this week. So would have gotten drunk with you, but not on whiskey. Maybe next week?

    Anyway, chin up mate, got plenty to offer. Try not to let this situation get you too down.

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