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Well some of you might have noticed that i have updated my site a bit. I have moved the location of the blog. It now has front and centre stage. It has grown up, and it getting older. I have kicked the tables with images out the door. I did get a big boot up the arse from Kitta and Phobia. And a few other people on the Forum. So i’ll see if they can come back to, :P. Well it is really late/early(4.40am) and im tried a from all the stuffing around and fucking up of my site that i did. I would still like to get somethins to work on this site that aren’t working yet, but they will work out soon.

So please update your links or anything to be and not I have a redirect in there at the moment, but i will move it in about 2 months or so. Ok Champions, im off to the land of dreams and fun stuff.

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  1. mum says:

    And just one more thing… you need to get more sleep too !!!! (nag nag nag)

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