Fucken Mr Asshole

Right, here is the G-O. I am studying Landscaping at College, and i have to take an irrigation course. I need to know all about the type of fittings and how they go together etc. So today we were using Poly pipe, PVC Pipe and different thread sizes. Now these all have different circumferences, so you can imagine all the shit that is whirling around in my head. There are 3 different sizes for each pipe or thread. You can’t use a tape to measure them, cause they aren’t that size, you can’t compare the 2 sizes that say they are the same, cause they aren’t. It just pisses me off, i got confused by the thread sizes and the poly pipe sizes.

Do you really think that i give a shit that the poly pipe thread is 19mm and not 20mm? And that the size of PVC pipe is not standard with Poly pipe?? NO i dont give a rats arse, im learning this to get thru the course. If i need to learn it, i will learn it in the field. It is not like im doing this course to be an irrigation specialist, even though you think i am. I’M NOT!!!!

WHAMMO!!! CHOMP, CHOMP!! I get my head fucken bitten off, geez you would think that i have committed murder or killed his favourite irrigation tool. I took it once, i just tried harder to get it into my head.

Didn’t work, so the next time i got them wrong, he bit it off again, so i sorta snapped. I told him that this is the first time that i have done anything to do with stupid irrigation and that i was told to come into this class by the fucken course supervisor, so stop hanging shit on me and help me to learn. He was like “oh you need to go back a level and start with the basics”. I was like meh, fuck you dickhead. We then had a break, and i found out that everyone that had done the course before, didn’t even know as much as me!! So that made me feel a little bit better, knowing that i wasn’t that far behind. Even though Mr Asshole said i was.

The thing that really pissed me off the most, was about 1 hr from the end of class he started to kiss butt. Like major butt. He was saying “oh your not going that bad, your doing really well” “You guys will be fine” etc etc. I don’t know if i want to go to his classes again, he just is like a fucken see-saw. Cool one week, and an absolute dick jockey the next. I’m starting to think that he is actually a woman going thru Menopause, cause it is so annoying. Oh and another thing, he wears shirts that are like 2 size to large for him, dude you look like a dick. Shirts come down to your elbow, not cover it completely. I have not gone to his classes before cause of the way that he treats people, just an absolute wanker.

Don’t be a Mr Asshole to people that your trying to teach…. Ok, Champions?

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