Weigh it up

I am getting to skinny. I have lost about 6kg since i moved to perth about 8 months ago. I’m sure that my exercise routine hasn’t helped me gain weight either. I did have a pretty full on routine there for a while. It was weights, running and kayaking. I’ll let you in on some bio on me, I’m 6’4″ (195cm) and i weight 76kg now…. pretty skinny huh!?
So yeh, i need to find simple ways to gain weight. I think my problem is, I don’t like eating can’t be bothered. I used to love it, boy how things change. That is how i got my Nickname, Gussy. Cause i ate all the time, like almost 24/7. I don’t think getting up early is helping either, cause i don’t feel like eating till like 9-10am. By then im usually in a class or working, so i can’t really eat then. I tend to ignore when my stomach is hungry, i just use mental telephathy to tell it that it really isn’t that hungry, and if it could possibly wait until maybe 12-1pm, that it would get some food then. I usually only eat a piece of fruit for breakfast, maybe 2 sandwiches for lunch, and then a normal dinner. No snacks really. I don’t like the bloated feeling i get after eating a bit meal these days, i get put off by it. Feels uncomfortable.
I find that water is a great help also in supressing the food cravings. I tend to bloat myself on water, so the pains go away. I have been told off by several people, that it isn’t healthy and stuff. I know it ain’t healthy, but i can’t be buggered getting food into my gob. Think of all the effort to chew it and then you have to process it 😛

My pants are starting to get looser as well, i have had to up the notch on the belt, or risk my daks falling down. Scary stuff. I bought some new jeans, not 2 months ago, at the end of financial year sales, they were a snug fit then and now they are falling off me. I know that jeans streach and stuff, but like enough to put a fist down the front and still have a little room?? I don’t think so. Think i might need to do something about this.

Now where is that blender, champions…..

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14 Responses to Weigh it up

  1. mum says:

    Luke… this is your mother talking… so you’d better listen….you gotta take betta care of your body(self).. as you said in another blog, you only get one body so you gotta take care of it. Not eating is just not on !! I am a bit worried about your weight loss… partly ‘cos I feed you and all Mums like to see their kids looking healthy… and cos I can’t lose any wieght no matter how hard I try… so let’s swap metabolisms !!! By the way, your dad only developed “love handles” in the last 5 years… and he’s 53 this year… so you have a long weight for age to fix the problem…. PLEASE take care of you….otherwise we’ll have to change your name from Gussy to Wussy?

  2. Dogmatix says:

    I always used to read my girlfriend’s cosmo, but then she’d get me back by hogging my FHMs. Cosmo’s got more full frontal nudity than FHM or ralph will ever have.

  3. diggsy says:

    hey mate, you should get onto the protein shakes… Try Mega Milk, really good for giving you protein and energy to put on weight but more muscle as opposed to fat.

    It’s helping me get past my 10kg loss from Glandular… think I’m back around 85kg…

    You and your cosmo too… hehe

  4. Noodlez says:

    Umm, wait! I didnt type that! Crap!

  5. Noodlez says:

    I like cosmo for the make up tips.

  6. Kitta says:

    Well the quizzes tend to be aimed at women, no wonder they are hard. :p

  7. Gussy says:

    I do, mind you i only get to read it occassionally. Cause my sis likes to hog it!! How mean.. i mean, i like to look at the latest fashion as well. Some of the quizzes are hard, cause i can’t relate to them. Oh well, i just make it up. 🙂

  8. Kitta says:

    No Dog, Luke reads Cosmo for the articles. 😉

  9. Kitta says:

    Chewing is like so hard, then you have to like swallow…

    I’ve already ranted at you in chat about this, so i’ll just leave you be for now. :op

  10. Gussy says:

    Playboy is for sick fucks other people. I don’t read any girlie mags actually.

  11. Dogmatix says:

    Uh huh. And you read Playboy for the articles too i suppose.

  12. Gussy says:

    Yeh, just for the comparision, nothing more. Honest.

  13. Dogmatix says:

    You had a fist down your pants?

  14. Phobia says:

    crazy crazy man.

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