Weigh it up, again

Well considering the amount of responses i have had to my last post about this, i think it has finally hit me. I really am to skinny. I was looking at myself in the mirror today, when i noticed VEINS ON MY TUMMY!! Scared the shit out of me. I was like, WTF??? (What the fuck, for you n00bs) when did this happen. They have never been there before. Not just little ones faint ones either, you can acutally feel them. Like if they were in your arm, raised and all.

So i went into a health food store today, and asked about weight suppliments. Bloody hell!! talk about expensive, $45 for 1kg of carb loaded stuff. The dude said that i would use it all in 1 week, then he started going on about geting the 2kg tub, that costs like $85……you think i would be made of money or something. I might and pick some up from the discount bin!! I am thinking that i just might start by eating more carbs, ie potato, pasta and rice.

I have found that the only thing keeping my pants up, besides the belt are my hips 🙁 Scary stuff. I should take some photos, just so i know never ever to get this skinny again. The good news is that apparently guys metabolisms tend to slow down when they hit 25. He also said that genetics have a large part to play in it all. My dad didn’t start getting a gut until he was like 35-40. Oh well guess that everything isn’t that bad, my abs look great 😛 😆

Mmm, Carbs… i’m off for some hot Chips from the F&C shop, Champions

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One Response to Weigh it up, again

  1. Esther says:

    I’m so jealous :[

    I wish that’d happen to me 😛

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