Champion of plant town

Well i have finally done it. After one and a half semesters, i beat Abby in a plant knowledge test. I’m so happy. The monkey/plant is off my back. Ok that was a bad joke, i know. Mind you i did pass the test as well, so it wasn’t like i failed and still beat her. I think i got better score than my last test.

Disclaimer: Besides the fact that Abby has been really sick for the last week and hasn’t come to College at all. She missed the id section for 7 out of 10 plants that were in the test. Was half cut and sleep deprived, as usual (she parties hard). She still managed a respectable score. She believes that next time my ass will be grass. Bring it on, i am invincable.(or so i like to think at this time)

I am now the Champion of Plant Town, behold my mighty wisdom. Just don’t ask me anything about plants 😛

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2 Responses to Champion of plant town

  1. Esther says:



  2. Noodlez says:

    *bows down to the almight molester of plants and ducks*

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