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PMS symptoms

Tweet Well this week i have felt like a woman on PMS…. up on cloud 9 one minute, down in the depths of hell the next. I don’t like feeling like this, i wish i could put a cap on … Continue reading

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plant test 2

Tweet Well it finally happened, i equalled Abby on a Plant id test!! I also passed this time. Last test i failed, cause i missed a week and then i didnt know what the plants looked like. I still screw … Continue reading

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its over…..

Tweet Well, i am not dating kitta anymore 🙁 It all happened last night, i was a dick on the weekend. I apologised for being a dick, but there were greater forces at play. We were going out for just … Continue reading

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New uniform

Tweet OH MY GOD, i look so gay. I mean really, a fluro pink. Couldn’t they have chosen a nicer colour? I mean i don’t look good in pink. They do have green shirts as well, but they ran out … Continue reading

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City to Surf III-The Saga Continues

Tweet Well i got my results for the city to surf. NOT HAPPY JAN. The stupid timing thing, BROKE!!! they weren’t even going to have finishing times up at all. I recieved an email explaining what happened. I don’t like … Continue reading

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