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To busy to think

Tweet Im flat out atm, i work 4 days a week and study 3 days. This leaves me 1 day to relax, when i really should be doing stuff, like study and assignments. I find that i need to have … Continue reading

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Tweet ……You have just won an early heart attack! My sister (S2) organised an early (by one day) 25th b’day party for me. Boy was i stunned…i was shaking from the amount of adrenalin pumping thru my body for the … Continue reading

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I love my job atm

Tweet Right, i might not have been doing it for long. That is besides the point. 2 days is a long time 😛 I have been studying Landscaping for about 3 months now (plus another 6 months doing Horticulture). I … Continue reading

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I’m teh shit!!!

Tweet Well i was jumping around the house this arvo, as i tend to do when good stuff happens. I was bummed that Phobia got a invite, and that i didn’t. So to my suprise when i got home … Continue reading

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Bloody Love songs

Tweet Right, let me get this straight from the outset. I don’t mind the odd love song. Let me say that again, just incase you missed it, the ODD love song. I have been working both Saturday and Sunday, in … Continue reading

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Something looks familiar

Tweet I don’t know about you guys, but these logos look remarkable similar to me. Sure they totally different companies.There is just something about the little blobs that catches my eye. Maybe i’m being drawn by the blobby-ness of the … Continue reading

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I got Flocked!!

Tweet Yes i did. I don’t know whether it was the Flock tummy that i did, or actually asking for a Tee. Still the outcome was the same, i got me a 100% authentic “Get Flocked” Tee. Im so proud … Continue reading

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Damn Colds

Tweet There is only one thing that i hate more than being incapacitated, and that is being sick. I just can’t stand it. The constant coughing, running nose, thick head. Grrrr, im glad that i dont get sick very often. … Continue reading

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