Damn Colds

There is only one thing that i hate more than being incapacitated, and that is being sick. I just can’t stand it. The constant coughing, running nose, thick head. Grrrr, im glad that i dont get sick very often. I knew it was coming on too, got the sore throat a few days before hand. The awesomely fantastic news is that it is right in the middle of my College holidays, yippee. I wanted to spend all my time sick and not working. I was meant to work today, but i called it off, i would have had to catch 4 buses and leave home at 5am, to get there by 8:30am. Not my idea of fun, even when your well. So i sat at home, and tried to get some rest, didn’t work. I ended up going to the shops for a few hours. Nothing like spreading your sickness with everyone else.

One bug or annoyance that i have is, why do they have to make cough medicine taste so ridiculously terrible? I know that they try to make it taste nice, but it doesn’t work. Are they not putting enough effort into getting it taste nice? I’m sure that there should be a medical research centre devoted to the taste of cough medicine!!!

Why doesn’t it exist Champions?

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4 Responses to Damn Colds

  1. Amanda says:

    For some reason cough medicine is created to scare young children to stay away from sick people or they will have to have the ‘yucky juice’.

  2. Keg says:

    lolz, you have teh aids 😛

    Get better soon dude.

  3. Esther says:

    Actually cough medicine taste a lot better than antibiotics.

    Antibiotics makes me puke all over.

  4. Kitta says:

    Cough medicine is nothing compared to IV Vancomycin power mixed with water to be taken orally, it tastes like a mix of bleach and soap. Mmm.

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