I got Flocked!!

Yes i did. I don’t know whether it was the Flock tummy that i did, or actually asking for a Tee. Still the outcome was the same, i got me a 100% authentic “Get Flocked” Tee. Im so proud of it, first thing in ages that i have got for free. I’m going to wear it proudly to College next week, when i have Mr Fucken Areshole’s class and hope that he takes it the wrong way. (oh please god let it happen like that :evil:) The only thing im not looking forward to is the 20 something ppl that are going to be asking “WTF is Flock?”, “You got that Tee how, by showing your tummy on the internet?”
Ok so i can try and explain what it is, probably won’t describe it the right way. Most likely though, they will not understand a word that i say. Don’t forget people, that Landscapers/Horticulturalist aren’t the most technologically advanced people in the world. They like to work outside, in the sun. I know this sounds frightening to most Geeks/Nerds. But it is true, sorry to burst any bubbles peoples.

Seeing as though i have no chance of beating the female the form, with there nice tummy’s. I have decided to change tact. I have decided to let my muscles do the talking. Not im not talking about hitting anyone. I’m talking about using my muscles instead of the tummy. I know that mine aren’t the biggest or anything but they are finitely sculpted onto my frame. So i decided to use a feminie role model as my idea, with some help of course from Flock devs. So here it is the new Flock tummy, well not really a tummy. It still has to go up against Flock tummy though.

Do i even have a fleeting chance Champions?

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2 Responses to I got Flocked!!

  1. Luna says:

    It might sound rude but you can always just direct them to http://justfuckinggoogleit.com/

    I printed that picture and put it above my desk and it sort of worked…stupid question asking rate has gone down drastically…well, two MD’s seem to be immune to it. Gotta find a way to fix that.

  2. Automatt says:

    I think you are required by law to w00t!

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