Bloody Love songs

Right, let me get this straight from the outset. I don’t mind the odd love song. Let me say that again, just incase you missed it, the ODD love song. I have been working both Saturday and Sunday, in my Retail Nursery Job. Whilst i love it to bits, there is one thing that pisses me off, ill give you a second to figure it out.

Yep you got it…….the music. I listened to love songs for 8 hrs on Sunday and 5 hrs on Saturday. Now let me tell you, it isn’t different CD’s either. It is the same Mind Mumbling-ly Sickening Sad Soppy CD. Yes there are a few good ones on there. And by few i mean like 2. But Celin Dion (or however it is spelt), Desiree (from Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet) and other various shockers that i can’t think of now don’t tend to make up good listening for me. That is why i tend to go outside, where the music isnt as loud, thus i can’t hear it and be brain-washed by its evil influences of mushy-ness, toward my fellow woman.

I must admit though, that if i decided to get off my lazy ass and actually make a CD that i wanted to listen to, i could play it on the CD player, would just need to be chilled out. I can handle that, i liked chilled out. It makes the day go faster when you have music that rocks on the stereo. Didn’t you know that it is a Scientific fact?

Why do love songs always need to be so crappy and predictable? Seriously they all say the exact same things. “Oh i love you… loved me…we were happy….now i can’t love you/love you more than ever……sleep with me/i hate your fucking guts” etc etc That sorta stuff,just makes my head go….arrrrgh give it up already. Love is fun, sure it hurts when it fails, but fuck stop writing about it. Isn’t there a song out there already that expresses what you feel? I’m sure in the 2005+ years of human existance someone has said exactly what you want to say. Try fucking google-ing it.

All i know is i don’t like love songs Champions.

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7 Responses to Bloody Love songs

  1. Luna says:

    I meant your ability to hold it together…not resist. Man, I should stop commenting right after doing language home work.

  2. Luna says:

    So so sorry. Man, I admire your resistance. I would not have had the patience.

  3. Gussy says:

    Nicole, there a a few love songs that i like…. Amiel-Lovesong, Wood-Stay you, Damien Rice-The Blowers Daughter and Bic Runga- Sway.

    OOkk there are more than 2 but i might have been over the top on my rant. These songs take me on a rollercoaster ride….good memories and painful ones. That is why i like them.

    Ps, sorry for the pop-ups, but they were the only sites i could find without installers on them 😛

  4. Esther says:

    Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me.

    I like that love song.

    Oh, it isn’t one? Why didn’t anyone tell me?!

  5. Nicole says:

    So what “love” song do you actually like??

  6. justin says:

    die in a fire

  7. Kitta says:

    “sleep with me/i hate your fucking guts”

    Celine Dion has become so trashy these day.

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