I love my job atm

Right, i might not have been doing it for long. That is besides the point. 2 days is a long time 😛 I have been studying Landscaping for about 3 months now (plus another 6 months doing Horticulture). I have just picked up 2 days a week working from the Retail Nursery where i work on weekends. Yes they have a Landscaping company coming off the Nursery. Well anyhow, i just like the manual labour.

I used to work in IT. I was a support/ training/ hardware/installs guy. I used to travel heaps, i liked it. Then i got bored, and questioned why i was doing IT. I had studied IT for 3 years at College, and came out with a Diploma. I played “the game” for 2 years, then decided to move on. Now don’t get me wrong….i still love playing with PC’s and knowing all the latest shit that is happening (i.e. Flock, Web 2.0) I also love getting out into the outdoors and making stuff too. I like the feeling of having an end result. I guess the same can be said for anything (coding comes to mind). I have always liked making stuff, i got that from my Pa. He put something of his own on anything. Moses is a result of that, it has a 12v switch at the front to power a (non-existant) fan.

I also like the feeling of coming home completely grubby (dirty), tired, sore muscles and hungry. To me, that means that i have done something productive. It also helps that i get a kick ass tan, so i’ll be a bit browner the next time people see me. Just got to get the guts up to take the shirt off on-site, or at least wear the old WB (wife beater). I give myself a few more weeks, i dont want to get TOO much skin cancer!

What makes you happy, Champions?

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3 Responses to I love my job atm

  1. Nicole says:

    Atm with uni we’re doing our placement in a kids oncology ward ie kids with cancer. They make me happy (in a non perverted way) Because their take on life is so amazing. They’re always so happy and always in such amazing spirits. I reallly admire them.

  2. Noodlez says:

    I love the feeling of a pimping deal well done.

    That and killing lots of evil creatures in quake 4 at max detail. Mmmmm 🙂

  3. Kitta says:

    I love the fact you have a plant porn category, it’s nice to see you are out of the plant porn closet Lucas. :p

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