……You have just won an early heart attack! My sister (S2) organised an early (by one day) 25th b’day party for me. Boy was i stunned…i was shaking from the amount of adrenalin pumping thru my body for the next 15mins. I had NOidea of what was going on, not a single clue. I kind of thew a spanner in the works though, well the weather did that. I was meant to be at College till 4pm, then go out to have a few drinks with my mate at a pub, till about 5.30pm, then everyone would be waiting for me when i got home, some 30-40mins later. I ended up getting home at like 5.30pm. I even hung at my mates place for quite a few hours like 2.5hrs….even managed to install Window 98 and Windows XP on one machine! Yes a double install! I also drank some really shit beer to.

So when i rocked up at home, my other sister (S5), which just moved over from Sydney had to pretend that she was having an argument with my S2, the one i live with….just to keep me out of the house a bit longer. It worked i stayed out of the house a further 30mins, mind you i did stop off any buy some lactose free chocolate.I ended up getting lost on the way to the beach, to show S5 where i liked to go and think…a nice look-out over the Sound. It was then that i starting to get annoyed at S2, cause she upset my younger sis, S5! I was like “Fuck this.. if i want to go home and get ready to go out, and do shit in my home i can!!, It is MY fucking house as well” I was under the impression that S2 and S5 were taking me out on the town for a few drinks.

NOTE: This is getting awefully confusing with S2 and S5….

Little did i know that i was going to almost have a coronary when i walking in from the Garage! Some people weren’t able to suprise me. Cause of the fact that i turned up early, and traffic factors. Mind you if there were more people there, i might have had a literal heart attack. There were about five i can’t remember how many ppl there were, :P. It was great to see so many of my friends turn up, lots of people from the forum turned up, and even a few from College. Everyone had party poppers, you know the ones you use at NYE, with the little paper bits in there… that is what hurt my heart, and ears…

I loved all the pressie’s that i got, i won’t list them all but i got a mint account (mmm minty goodness), thinkgeek voucher (mmm geek tee’s) a plant (mmm, a plant??), money and heaps more stuff. It is cool having a birthday…. the pressies are the good part, getting older isn’t so much fun.

I had lots of fun, it was a great night. I managed to put the pieces together later though, and saw lots of sneaky stuff going on. If only i had noticed it earlier!! Oh well, i’m kinda glad that i didn’t know would have spoilt it. I found out later as well, that Kitta set up a secret thread on the Forum all about my party, sneaky….. I also found out that my sis (S2) had emailed all the people from the forum and college friends as well, all without my prior knowledge!! sneaky… And no one even hinted at anything.

Well Champions there is heaps of photos available to view on Flickr and thanks to everyone that came……. you made it a great night!!

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9 Responses to Suprise!

  1. Luna says:

    I know this is about a week late…but Happy Birthday!

  2. Shaun Inman says:

    Happy (belated-)Birhtday Gussy! Isn’t getting a Mint for your birthday a little like getting a coupon for a facial? Not sure how I’d feel about that 😉

  3. Esther says:

    Oh and Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Esther says:

    Glad you have much fun 🙂 I wish I had friends/family like yours!

  5. Bee says:

    Glad you had a great night ! Even more glad that you had no clue !! ahhhh the magic of drama….. nah love ya stacks and happy it worked out to such a fun night. i loved seeing you just enjoying being you, proud to be your s5 !! keep smiling and live up the memories!! xoxo

  6. Nicole says:

    Happy 25th Hun 🙂

  7. diggsy says:

    Hey mate, Happy 25th… wish i could have been there to help you celebrate, you’ve helped me with so many of mine! Stoked that they looked after you over there and surprised you! One to remember eh! The big quarter ton… nice work!

  8. Kitta says:

    I’ll never forget that look on your face when we surprised you, it was a look of total shock. 🙂

  9. Jennifer says:


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