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Christmas shittyness

Tweet Ok this is going to be my Christmas rant. I’m going to get it over with early in the piece, even before the month of December. So please allow me this one indulgence…. Why the fuck do we have … Continue reading

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Tweet Well im a bit worried atm, my Nanna is in hospital. She fell over on the train. At first they thought it wa a heart attack or a stroke. Now they are thinking it was just abit of temporary … Continue reading

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Flying away

Tweet Right, as you all know. I work outside… being the beginning of summer the flies have just started. Now i dont know if is just the flies or me. They just seem to be really dumb and fucking annoying! … Continue reading

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Stupidisms #1

Tweet Now some people say that i say stupid things… i have found out where i get them from….. Mum patting me on the back Me: “Dont pat me on the back, im sun burnt” Mum: “what from??” Me: “ahhh…the … Continue reading

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Im banned baby!

Tweet This may seem like no big deal to lots of you, but i do get a little kick out of this. I haven’t had anything of mine blocked before on the web. So too get blocked, for me is … Continue reading

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