Im banned baby!

This may seem like no big deal to lots of you, but i do get a little kick out of this. I haven’t had anything of mine blocked before on the web. So too get blocked, for me is quite a privilage. *tear*

I’m not exactly sure why they would block my site…not like i have lots of truck loads fucking swearing or any type of obscene “cut your head off with a butter knife” kinda violence on here. Maybe it is the catergory “plant porn” that has triggered the filters concern. What ever it maybe, i’m just happy cause I’m blocked baby!

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9 Responses to Im banned baby!

  1. Gussy says:

    Candy, I think you need to read the post again, and when it was posted. 5th of November 2005. It has nothing to do with Kitta or the forum. I really dont care what you think Candy. Your sticking your nose in somewhere it isn’t meant to be. Why would i waste my time on someone who doesn’t value me as a human being?
    This post was in realtion to being blocked by The Department of Education in all WA public schools. Nothing to do with anything you mention. So go read it again, then you will look a bit silly.

    Also if you dislike me so much, why waste your time reading my posts and commenting?

  2. Candy says:

    *Sigh* You know very well why your banned you just won’t acknowledge it on your site in an attempt to prevent yourself from looking bad. Those of us that matter because they’ve been around you to see it, know why your banned so stop with the act Luke and just leave Kitta alone. You could of been mature about it and left it, you didn’t even have to mention it on your site you just did it as yet another way to get back at her. Everyone else will catch on eventually I know I did, you try to act like some nice wonderful person but deep down your not. And I’d appreciate you leaving Kitta alone I don’t get why you won’t leave her alone get over it you dated a week find something else to obsess over.

  3. Gussy says:

    Ok, it took me some learning…. but i have figured out how to link to a larger image.. i knew how to but kinda forgot. It has been a while since i did it. So the pic is nice and big now when you click on it.

  4. Lloyd D Budd says:

    I 2nd Noodlez question, where are you blocked yo? Give us a better pic or a link to a better pic player.

  5. Noodlez says:

    Where are you blocked?

  6. Nicole says:

    *hands you some flowers* Congratulations chicken lol i am ever so happy for u to be banned….. There’s a sentence i never though id say.

  7. Modi says:

    I’ve always thought – if everyone likes you, your personality is poop. Grand personalities lead to people having a strong opinion of you, be it positive or negative. Grand websites lead to bans. My logic may be a bit off there, but you know what I mean :]

    Wouldn’t it be cool if China banned access to our websites? That would be freakin’ kick ass.

  8. Christina says:

    All that one-on-one plant action must really offend them 😛

  9. Dexter says:

    It’s definately your plant porn.

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