Flying away

Right, as you all know. I work outside… being the beginning of summer the flies have just started. Now i dont know if is just the flies or me. They just seem to be really dumb and fucking annoying! The worst is when they get behind your sun glasses, and rattle around between your eyelids and the glasses frame. Kind of like a mini massage i supose you could say. Not a very nice massage, but still, its free. Seriously they are just stupidly fucking annoying.

Now i have had the unfortunate luck of a “catch and release” incident with flies. I was breathing (as you do), i closed my mouth to stop the fly going in my mouth, cause there were so many of the little bastards around. I managed to catch said fly in my lips, thought “WTF! i caught a fly with my lips”. Then proceeded to promptly opened them up and let him fly away. But not before a stern talking too mind you!…. just so he dont get any further ideas or go jabbering on with his cousins and other relatives about what a fun time it is getting stuck in other peoples lips. Hopefully this can be counted as some sorta community service notice against flies.

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5 Responses to Flying away

  1. Esther says:

    Ugh, flies stink. LITERALLY. I smacked one before and my hands smelled the whole day -_-

  2. Christina says:

    I especially hate it when they walk on my glasses, creeps me out! And when they fly past your ears and you hear their fly noises. Yeech!

  3. queen bee says:

    lol… you are SO funny ! Do you have any idea how good a storyteller/writer you are… I am really enjoying the way you write matey. I am thrilled adn amazed – you reading and writing… weren’t you the guy who hated to read and hated writing even more ? Maturity sure does have it’s positives eh ?!!!

    On apractical note, we have those very attractive net head cover thingys we bought up at Kings Canyon…. remember ? you are welcome to wear one of those to wrok.. you’d look a right dick but hey, there’d be no flies on you (lol)

  4. Nicole says:

    lol i always mange getting flies having fly sex in my face, it’s like free fly porn.

  5. bee says:

    Ahahaha yeah i know the feeling about the glasses ratteling thing…bugs ya eh !! (ahhh pun pun !!) anyways i was thinking how they are not only annoying but everywhere…on the bus, train, walking around at work (as your case may be !)…..very annoying indeed.

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