Well im a bit worried atm, my Nanna is in hospital. She fell over on the train. At first they thought it wa a heart attack or a stroke. Now they are thinking it was just abit of temporary amnesia type of thing. Anyhow it is a bit worring… seeing that she is on the other side of the country and all. But i know that she is in good hands……seeing that the other half of the family is on that side. They don’t think that anything permanant is wrong.. just got a bruised hand from falling over. Will have to see how things progresss…. i hate the waiting game, sucks!

[Edit:] If you read the comments, you will see that it looks like she will be ok…. thanks for all the encouragement [/Edit]

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5 Responses to Worried

  1. blessedmama says:

    hi luke,
    i came via becca’s blog. just wanted to tell you my prayers are with your nanna and your family.
    God bless!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Shit hun sorry to hear, a family member of miner just had a stroke last week. I am very glad to hear your nanna didn’t have one of those or a heart attack. Never forget you’re only a plane trip away if your needed, but i am more than sure a phone call from you will put her in the highest of spirits :):) Take care chicken and ill send some good thoughts her way.

  3. Da mudda says:

    Hi Luke,
    Just spoke to nanna – she is sounding much better. They are doing stacks of tests and are keeping her in hospital for about a week to be sure she’s ok. I was a tad woried myself ! Makes you realise that life is precious and not to let the opportunities to tell people you love them and value them, go by.

  4. Modi says:

    I’m getting a huge sense of de ja vu, right about now. This sorta stuff is universal, hey. I truly hope your nanna didn’t receive any permanent injuries.

    Instead of a hug, I think I’ll give you a whack on the butt.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Hope she gets better soon Luke. Keep us informed.

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