Christmas shittyness

Ok this is going to be my Christmas rant. I’m going to get it over with early in the piece, even before the month of December. So please allow me this one indulgence…. Why the fuck do we have images of snow and Mr Snowman in the shopping centres and everywhere around the place and stupid carols being sung about sleighing in the snow!

    I live in A-U-S-T-R-A-L-I-A!! It is S-U-M-M-E-R!!

Australia doesn’t even get much snow at the best time of year. Christ our tallest mountain is not a mountain, it is like a molehill (2230m/ 7316ft). Perth is primarily hot all year around, so I don’t see how images of snow and people singing about “oh it’s snowing…lets be merry” is going to make the festive season any more festive! It just shits me that we have to do it the way that the “Northerners” do it. (Yeah I’m whinging about you people above me!) Sure it is winter up there, and it is summer down here. I get the whole opposite side of the world thing. I get the whole population is greater up there etc thingo.

Seriously though, I know that we have made an attempt at making Christmas our own, with the boomer the Christmas Kangaroo. That is just a lame-ass try though. I can’t see a kangaroo with a red nose bouncing down the street, in my wildest dreams. What are they trying to do!!! Make us look like back-water hicks that have kangaroos jumping down the street. Isn’t that what Americans/ Rest of the world already think? I don’t know what the solution is all I know is that I’m sick and fucking tired of hearing “ohh lets sing and be merry in the snow” songs in the shopping centre where they pump up the air conditioner to make you feel like you are living in a blizzard. Then when you walk outside you are hit by the stinking heat of a 45-degree day. I just don’t see their Christmas spirit in there! Maybe I’m being cynical and anti-Christmas. All I just know that it bugs the hell out of me.

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11 Responses to Christmas shittyness

  1. Stacy says:

    Oh yeah, Australia is having summer now… I forget sometimes 🙂

  2. Esther says:

    Let’s try Asia. 70% of the population don’t even celebrate Christmas -_-

    We have Snowy Christmas Trees on display. BEAT THAT.

  3. Noodlez says:

    I totally agree with you there gussy.
    There should be songs about the heat, surf, OMGWTFBBQ!’s and lots of alcohol 🙂

  4. Luna says:

    (that was meant to be “they don’t give a…they don’t care” 😀

  5. Luna says:

    What about doing what So. Californians do? they don’t give care! instead of xmas trees…they decorate the palm trees!
    (If you don’t believe me I promise to take a picture )

  6. Tobely says:

    Shit! I didn’t realise your site added smiley’s automatically…. that should be a smiley face… not a serious one… Shit! Now I feel slightly retarded.

  7. Tobely says:

    Luke my friend….. The answer, quite simply is VB. Sure, 3/5ths of the world’s population live above the equator and such have managed to dominate christmas propoganda the world over. Christmas for me is still all about red and green, but it comes on the label of a blessed golden ale, not from pine trees and santa outfits. So when you get angry, just do what I do…. kick back in the sun on your favourite banana lounge, with the tellie outside, the cricket on and hum ‘duh..duh duh duh, duh duh.. duh duh’ . :o)

  8. Da mudda says:

    Yeah down with Christmas.. and let’s spell shittiness the right way if we’re going to use it !

  9. Nicole says:

    Well aren’t you quite the grinch 😉 I used to live in karratha and at chrissy time they had a dude dressed in the santa beard n stuff only he was in shorts and a singlet, surrounded by red dirt 😛 was funny!!!

  10. Christina says:

    Christmas is too commercialised now. I spent Christmas in Sri Lanka, and it was great. They had a few decorations up in some places, but they didn’t go overboard like they do here. How many Christmas trees can one shopping center hold here?! I dare a shopping center to have NO Christmas stuff at all, and that includes the shops within the shopping center.

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