Mmm, lets see i was thinking today, as i put my new PC together (it pwns! btw). It was a bit of a bitch, stupid SATA and PATA don’t like each other. The manuals are also very shocking written. Aside from that however i was thinking about the things that i like. I came up with a few things, you know things that i like and dislike and a bit more randomness so here they are…..

  • I don’t have a favourite food… honestly i like all most food
  • I like love the Subaru Liberty …mmm
  • Fav colour isn’t the fluro pink that i have to wear for work. I couldn’t actually think what is my fav colour.
  • I used to live in South America and loved it, Brasil and Argentina
  • I like gardening and computers and want a career that involves both ( i might post just on this)
  • I can speak fluent spanish, mind you it is rusty..but still
  • I have an Argentinean and Australian accent
  • I need to think of more things to put onto this list

[edit] i posted this before i got meme-ed from Kitta. SO ill see if i can come up with more randomness [/edit]

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4 Responses to Randomness

  1. Justin says:


  2. Christina says:

    You know, I’m already envious of your computer coz it’s probably working right now, unlike mine which hasn’t been working for around 4 days 🙁

    As for the gardening and computers, that’s do-able. Make a computer with an integrated plant-in-a-pot, ensuring the air inside the case is wonderful clean oxygen thanks to the plant. Or you could create a system that controls the sprinklers for the plants. The twist being you can set each individual sprinkler to run at a certain time and duration instead of all at once! Generate statistics on water usage and the soil of that particular area! 😀

    Um yeah. Pink, hehe.

  3. Mooiness says:

    You wear pink to work!? 8| Now I’m trying to think if I’ve seen men wearing pink uniforms around.

  4. Kitta says:

    Come on, we all know your favourite food is fish sauce sandwiches.

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