I somehow managed to watch a bit of early morning TV. Now the show has a Classic presenter, he has basically been on since the begining of TV in Australia. Anyhow the show, GMA (Good Morning Australia) is basically a mix of Infomercials, Cooking presentations, Interviews and goofing off with the lighting and sound guys. I was watching the end of some cooking thing, with the Chinese lady. She was making some fish dish. Then they cut to Moyra the Infomercial Queen in Australia, and what was she selling this time……No not steak knifes or slicey things that can cut your hand off. It was the revolutionary NEW fabulous-ly Awesome Ab workout of the 21st Century. It was sooooo good that i can’t even remember it’s name!

Now my buff (pun not intended) here is WHY THE HELL DO WE WORRY ABOUT ABS SO GOD DAMN MUCH!

Sure they are good to have, sure it looks good when chicks don’t have bellies that hang over there jeans and halfway down there ankles. And yes, sometimes it is nice to appreciate how much effort a man has gone too to get those rock hard abs, cause i know the pain that he has had to endure to get that far! I’m sure that the ladies aren’t at all objecting to the fact that rock hard abs are socially acceptable either. I am all about Core Strength.. it is ‘da bomb in my book. I love it, i would do more of it, if it didnt hurt so much, and i didn’t loose so much god damn weight when i exercised!

Anyhow back to my main point, why do we love working the abs, or more correctly selling machines that people buy to work there abs only to put under the bed in 4 weeks time after spending stupid amounts of money on them. I think it is all a marketing ploy to make people buy useless crap, oh i think that is stating the obvious,sorry. The contraptions look like some sorta weird alien sex toy, freaky in all senses of the word. I am starting to ramble and rant.. i should stop, but darn it is fun to be incoherent sometimes 😛

I have been at my PC for most of today… learning CSS via the westciv courses. I think i shall leave it there, to many CSS things going around in my head…and im only half way thru it as well :S

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  1. Noodlez says:

    Apparently good ol’ Bert has had his show cancelled or something. Tragic!! I love Bert. As you said, he has been around since almost the beginning. He is a champion. I think he has the best sense of humour.
    Maybe we should start a petition or something to save Bert 😀

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