Following Dreams

This is the post about my future. So it might be a long read. Hang in there, and i promise it might even have a happy ending 😛

So I started 2005 wanting to do Landscaping, that is the whole reason why i moved over West, to Western Australia. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. My friends, Family, A good job, Security, Everything were “Over East”. So it wasn’t taken lightly, thankfully my Folks and my Sisters supported me fully in my decision. Cause they knew that i have loved creating, designing and playing around with ideas in Gardens. I have an ability to walk into a garden and see a vision of what it could look like. I had my folks new place mapped out from the first time i saw it. It may have something to do with the fact that i am a tactile person. I like to touch, feel, and create things. I do it with food too, mould it into objects and shapes. I blame my Pa (mum’s dad) he used to tinker with Electronic’s and anything that could be modded, quite old skool. Even Moses (my car) has a switch for a fan that has since long gone. Thus i digress slightly. I used to help my mum in the garden as a young whipper snapper as well. Mainly cause of the fact that i could get dirty without getting in trouble. It apparently was a “Good dirty”.

At the end of school, i had to make a decision, Computers or Plants. I chose Computers, mainly for the fact that i could travel with my skills easier. The main features of Computers dont change much when you move overseas. This can also be said for Plants, as they all have Latin names. Shh we didn’t think of that!! So i spent the next 3 years getting a Diploma in Systems Administration, and then the next 2 years working in a Help desk/ Support/ Trainer/ Hardware Guy role. It was a great job, probably the best i’ve had so far. Mind you it was only the second full time job i had ever had. The first i was below ground (literally), pushing paper for a computer company. I was a Admin Assistant 🙁

I had a major lifestyle change in October of 2004, i left my Church. Too many details to go into, but it was all i had know for, ever. So i was a bit lost, so i went searching. I thought that i would like to do Landscaping, i threw myself into that. It is fun to study, then the reality set in. It is quite a monotonous job, repetitive and boring. I work by myself. I like that sometimes, but for 8 hrs a day, with no human contact just kills me. I have found that i need to be in contact with people.

So this got me thinking about making the change back to IT. I like talking to people, just not in a call centre format. I tried working in an ISP, didn’t agree with me. The time limits and everything just made it suck. I think i want a job that involves some travel, so im not in an office all day long, and support on a phone. That would totally be cool. I would also like a job where i can have some connection with the customers, not just another voice on the end of the phone. I know i’m dreaming, but what is life without dreams?

I like to live by the motto, don’t dream about your dreams, do them. I have talked to many people that think what i did, was silly and stupid. But i followed my dreams. Sure they didn’t go to plan, that is life though. At least im not living with regret, the constant thought of What If’s in my head. I went for it, it failed, i learnt and have moved on.

Now dont get me wrong, i still like plants, and designs of gardens. I just think that it will be as a thing i do for friends and family. Boy will they be getting a good deal.. a fully trained Horticulturalist! Now if you live overseas and want my assistance, just pay for my air fare, accomodation and food. I’m all yours 😛

There it is, im doing another Career change! From Horticulture back to IT. Hopefully i can find something in the new year, and make shit loads of money to pay all my debts off.

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3 Responses to Following Dreams

  1. diggs says:

    hey mate, sounds like life is taking a few twists and turns. I like the fact that you are working out what you want to do, and that’s pretty much all you can ever do eh. I reckon you’re an unreal plant man, but might be nice to have that as a hobby eh!

    IT all the way eh, if I ever find some Perth contacts I’ll through them your way!

    Merry Christmas too!!!

  2. Da mudda says:

    I don’t see your move to Perth or doing the horticulture course a failure at all, at all…. it was a step forward on your journey of life…hmmmm…. you haven’t lost anything from the move or doing the course but gained knowledge and a depth in an area you are interested in and also discovered what you like best… I do agree that you are searching for who and what you are about… keep looking and opening your heart mate… all will be revealed. Mumsy

  3. Esther says:

    Good luck Gussy!

    You can decorate my garden when I have one.

    And I’ll break computers for you to repair.


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