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Crossed lines

Tweet I just got a phone call from someone who didn’t call me. I didn’t call them either. He was just got off the phone with his cable provider, when my phone rang. Must have had some weird cross lined … Continue reading

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Australia Day

Tweet Today, the 26th of January is Australia Day. The one day you can drink shit tins of piss, eat bogan food (it is illegal 364 days of the year), be a yobbo and basically let your real Aussie colours … Continue reading

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The thing-a-magiggy bob

Tweet I’m staying at my folks place for a few days, everytime i come up i usually do some gardening of physical labour of some sort. But not this time, this time i’m resting. Oh the joys of watching other … Continue reading

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Tweet Watched an Australian Movie the other night, whilst i normally don’t tend to like the Aussie movies. I do like to give them a chance. Seeing that i hadn’t seen one in quite a while, i thought this one … Continue reading

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Weight it down

Tweet Well i thought you would like to know, after some hard work…lots of junk food and healthy stuff as well. I have managed to finally gain some weight! Yipee!!! 😀 Mind you it might be all the hard work … Continue reading

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Its a Wrap

Tweet Well two thousand and five has come and gone. Now we are onto two thousand and six. Man time travels fast when lots is happening. I thought i would do a wrap up of the year for me.. It … Continue reading

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Four on the Floor meme

Tweet I’ve been infected again to do a Four’s meme, by Luna So here goes Four Jobs you’ve had in your life: Help Desk Support Retail Sales Delivering Newspapers Labourer Four movies you could watch over and over: Amelie Garden … Continue reading

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