Weight it down

Well i thought you would like to know, after some hard work…lots of junk food and healthy stuff as well. I have managed to finally gain some weight! Yipee!!! 😀 Mind you it might be all the hard work im doing at the moment with work. Moving lots of mulch, and soil, and pavers and other boring and repetative things. I have gained 3kg (8lbs) of muscle in about 2 months. Now i know that is really nothing to write home about, but seeing that it has taken me ages to actually gain weight and i had trouble last year with losing weight for no reason. The funny thing about it though is that i might have become a bit vein about it all. Each morning i weigh myself, just to make sure that im not losing weight or that it isn’t a dream. Maybe i should hand the scales back to my sister?

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3 Responses to Weight it down

  1. Shelley says:

    Yes I would like my scales back NOW!!! haha Nah really I think you’ve given all your flab to me…truely it has nothing to do with beer, cheese and no exercise!…I only wish I was able to complain about not putting on weight but eeh you get that!!!

  2. You are the same way as I was at your age. I could down a whole medium pizza and drink and not gain an ounce!! I didn’t start gaining until I hit 30’s and didn’t gain that much but at 6’2 I am at 185 lbs. I use to try like you and get worried about it and didn’t do any good, but the doctor told me it better small them over weight, so I stop trying. Hope you can stop by my blog and check it out at http://www.dansblog.net talk to you later.


  3. dotbar says:

    What! I came here to thank you for putting your little man on my map, but you’re really making it hard!! Put on weight! How dare you! You take it right back off and I mean NOW! Conform with the rest of us who are trying to lose weight.

    Anyways, now that you’re back on track, thanks for putting your little man on my map!

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