Watched an Australian Movie the other night, whilst i normally don’t tend to like the Aussie movies. I do like to give them a chance. Seeing that i hadn’t seen one in quite a while, i thought this one would be good. I forgot to read the warnings on the cover.

“MA (Mature Audience), Strong Sex scenes ”

Now i normally don’t cringe when i see that, i normally do the male thing of
“yes sex scenes!!, slightly naked women”. Not this time, i was watching this movie with my folks and my youngest sister. It felt awkward to me, see i haven’t watched to many movies with the folks that have a sexual tone to them. To add to this we are not a family that talks about sex to much, not that i want to know what my folks get up to. (ewww visual images, not good!!! :-/ ) It was a good movie, had a strong undertone of one finding themselves thru the happenings of the past. I don’t want to say to much, cause i might spoil it for you.

Anyhow, i liked the movie, check it out if you can. Peaches.

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2 Responses to Peaches

  1. Shelley says:

    Yes yes please lets move on from any sort of sex talk re the folks *vomit* remember they only had “relations” 5 times…all while playing golf apparently hmmm I’ll leave that well alone I think!

  2. Ah- try watching “Somersault” on the aeroplane and being paranoid that people either side of you and/or air stewards think you’re DIRTY!

    Next time i think i will watch a kid’s movie :/

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