The thing-a-magiggy bob

I’m staying at my folks place for a few days, everytime i come up i usually do some gardening of physical labour of some sort. But not this time, this time i’m resting. Oh the joys of watching other people work whilst you sit back and take in a good book, the score in the tennis or just walking around the house trying to scare/ wake up the cat.

My mum tends to have a problem with naming things right. I think this is a general mother problem. Some call it similar Alzheimer’s, i like to refer to it as “Mum Syndrome”. It usually is apparent after a few years raising kids. The word for spoon becomes “that thingy-ma gig”. The word for a knife becomes “the cutty cutty thing”. And so on. There is one clause to this though, the arm movements which describe the action of what implement she is after. So when mum wanted me to fetch some implements from the shed for her gardening exploits, she described them as, “the claw thingy”, “the digging thingy”, the thingy-ma-giggy-dooby wack” and “the thingo” Now to anyone else you would go, Huh??. And so did I, so i ended up getting all the smaller tools from the shed that i could find, and brang them back to her. I didn’t get the right one still. So i went back and got all the larger tools, the shovels, spades, you name it, i got it. I got the right tool eventually.

So there is one thing im not looking forward to, the fact that i sometimes to this as well.. maybe it isn’t just a mum thing after all. Hopefully though i can change things around, anyone know any good memory classes?

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5 Responses to The thing-a-magiggy bob

  1. Da mudda says:

    I rise up in defense of all mums who cannot remember the “right” name for those thingsameginemybobs…. we have carried you around for 9 long and sickening months, almost died bringing you into the world, put up with your shit(literally and graphicallly) for all of your lives… please bear with us(pun intended) as we demonstrate the effects of all that has had on our brains……

  2. My mum has this thing where she can’t pronounce names right.

    eg. Saddam Hussein = Sadda Hoosa whatshisname
    Sharapova = Sharakova
    Beckham = Becker

    etc etc.

    I think maybe she mishears things, but who really knows? Mums tend to have these quirky speech faults.

  3. Have your mom seen a doctor?? I don’t knowher age but if she over 55 it could be the start of old timers and they do have med’s for that. try to udner stand and work with her.


  4. Da mudda says:

    Well, lucas pucas diddly ducas… I can STill remember your name !!! can’t I ?
    and by the way, what IS the right name for thatr thingamagiggymadoodle I asked you get me ??????

  5. Luna says:

    nah, but they say ginko helps (i think?) when my mom says “get me the thing on top of the thing right next to the thing” and amazingly enough I tend to get it right…

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