I got an interview! I found out Friday afternoon. The guy gave me a call as i was driving home, so i shoved him quickly onto crackly loudspeaker (my mobile is dying, both speakers are shot) and away he went, asking me a few questions about what time i would be available, how much notice would i need to give etc etc. He then ran back some 20 mins later and asked if i would like to come in on Wednesday and have an interivew. The job is with a company in the mining industry, it is a bit of help desk, bit of System Admin. Sounds like something i would really like to do. I have also been having a bit of interest from my old company as well. So things are moving right along for me. The sooner the better i say! I just realised a really creepy/ quirky fact. Most All full-time jobs i have gone for i have gotten. That freaks me out, seeing that out of the 5 or so jobs i’ve had so far, i got them all after having an interview. Hopefully this one won’t break the mould.

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2 Responses to Nerves

  1. Esther says:

    Good luck Gussy!

  2. Ooooooooooh good luck with the interview! It must feel nice to have a job and not be living off centrelink pity money! Hopefully soon i can wave Centrelink goodbye…

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