So i was thinking about what songs will be considered musical classics when im an “old fart”. You know there is always a radio station that plays “All the classics from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s” I might have been born at the beginning of the 80’s but i don’t remember all the supposed classic’s of the time. Sure there are some i remember like Belinda Carslie. I used to sing her songs, just a few years ago….. fun times were had by me. My workmates didn’t like it… not sure if it was the bad singing or the theatritics that went along with the song. But back to my thoughts about music so i was thinking that definately “Boom boom shake the room” by Venga boys won’t be in there. I know for sure that Nivarna- any song really and Bush “Glycerine” would be in there. Some songs just speak volumes for me.. the era of grunge. The funny thing was that i think i missed most of it. I was in Brasil when Nirvana and the rest of the grunge scene was exploding. All the questions i got asked were “Do you like Men at Work?”. I didn’t even know who Men at work were!! I would probably include “Gonna make you move” by C&C Music Factory and “Mr Vain” by Culture Beat. Whilst i didnt get heavy into the hole grunge thing lots i did tip into the more popular stuff. It might have seemed shallow, but believe it or not i didnt really own a radio for the whole time i was away, some 2 years. I only had CD’s to listen to, mostly my folks as well. So my music selection may be dated a bit. Coming into the noughtys i hope to high heaven that some songs dont get in ther, just cause they were popular. Like that stupid frog song…and that song where the it is about nothing. Hang on that is most popular songs theses days. Ahh crapsola, what happened to good old music? Did it suddenly get eaten up by the Music companies? Maybe it has yet to be discovered? Speaking of which i found a good new music site- 15 megs of fame. So yeh, i wonder what would be in your music classics?

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  1. Stevezee says:

    You must have been listening to Sunshine FM or suitable classic radio station to come up with that list. Triple J played a few songs two weeks back by the KLF, who were biggish in the early 90s, including Last Train to Transcentral – top tune. (KLF is going to rock ya!) C&C was also a top group and I remember Kirstin was keen on All That She Wants by Ace of Base. Don’t forget about Rick Astley, Michael Bolton (How Can We Be Lovers) or MC Hammer (Here Comes the Hammer!).
    Maybe you could make a CD of 80s-90s One-Hit Wonders, sure it would be a big seller to the over 35s.

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