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Manhunt Perth, Success

Tweet What a great idea. Basically it is a large game of Hide and seek. Except for Adults. So let me paint the picture for you. 16 adults running around the malls in the perth CBD on a busy sunday … Continue reading

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What you looking at 2 eyes?

Tweet I have to had to surcome to glasses. It was only going to be a “check up” damn me for being proactive! I thought that seeing that the appointment with the Optometrist was free (thanks Australian goverment for that!) … Continue reading

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Fiona Falkiner= hottie

Tweet OMG, what a hottie. From the minute i saw her in the previews of the biggest loser, i was so going Whoa!, stunner!. ( I also bet that she could win the whole thing, but that im not sure … Continue reading

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Tweet Damn i hate summer colds. They suck! I am meant to be enjoying my new found freedom from work, instead im sipping honey and lemons, sniffling and generally feeling like a small piece of poop. Hopefully i will feel … Continue reading

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I quit

Tweet Well i finally did it. I quit my job. Not that i have anything else to move onto, i was just sick of it. Funny thing was that my boss really liked me. I never knew, he always seemed … Continue reading

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Tweet Aching body. Scratched elbows. Skin-less knee’s. Sunburnt. I couldn’t even close the door on the car when i had finished, i was that tired. But boy did i have fun! The day started out at 8.30am on Scarbrough beach, … Continue reading

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Friday Night

Tweet Tonight im going to have a veg out. I worked 11 hrs today, so i am stuffed. Layed about 500m2 of turf (rolled grass) and then had to run around perth for my boss to deliver other stuff work … Continue reading

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