Friday Night

Tonight im going to have a veg out. I worked 11 hrs today, so i am stuffed. Layed about 500m2 of turf (rolled grass) and then had to run around perth for my boss to deliver other stuff work work..really pissed about that. So tonight i though i would down a 6 pack of beer, and watch some Season 2 of Scrubs. Maybe read my awesomely fantastic book and do what ever i want…because after all. It is friday night and im not working till Sunday,even then it is only for a few hours. Aww yeah!!

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4 Responses to Friday Night

  1. tim says:

    chatter chatter. me no comprende bloggage

  2. tim says:

    good move. plants can only give so much. and a sick pack of beer? a carton will sooth the soul much better!

  3. Da mudda says:

    Suggest you get another job…you are not slave labour unless you choose to be used as such… they do not value you and it makes me angry to see the way you let them trash you…stuff them matey !!!! you are worth more than this……

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