Aching body. Scratched elbows. Skin-less knee’s. Sunburnt. I couldn’t even close the door on the car when i had finished, i was that tired. But boy did i have fun! The day started out at 8.30am on Scarbrough beach, when we finially found the trailer. We found them by looking at all the people in the brightly coloured tops. There just happened to be a huge surf carnival on that day, so plenty of people around. We got suited up in spring suits (the short armed and leg wetsuits) then had to wear a rash vest over the top so that we could be spotted by our “coach” Gabby. She was a nice gal. The it was time to get some basic lessons and take it from there. We did the normal “this is how you get on” on the beach with the pretend paddling and stuff. We were only catching the white wash, but it was still about a foot (around that height anyhow). First few times were a bit of a disaster, and i managed to eat alot of sand, literally and also figuratively. My throat hurts from the amount of sea water that i swallowed. It was still great fun. The boards were quite thick, about 2 inches and wide too, around 1 1/2 foot. Nice and easy to get going on. I think i gave my self whip-lash falling into the water once. I fell forward and landed chest first with no hands in front of me to break the fall. Very sore after that encounter,so i decided to always try and fall backwards. Anyhow, after 4 hrs we were done with the beginners class. I would have been happy to stop there, but my sis (S4) had booked a full day! So we had some lunch (provided) and moved onward to the intermediate classes. I got a smaller board (in thickness). It was still 7’2″ and worked wonderfully. I also learnt on this one how to do “the pop”, i know there is a more technical term, but my mind isnt working right from all the sun and surf! After i had mastered that, i was meant to just be crusing in onto the beach all the time. I didn’t like the sound of that so i decided i would learn how to turn. I finally did it, only managed to turn to my right about 4 times, but it was soo much fun. It was a great day, i then proceeded to go home (to my folks) and sleep for the next 2 hrs, i was exhausted. 8 hours of surfing is hard core! That is my exciting day of surfing, im seriously thinking of going back again… for more lessons. There was also a hot chick that i wouldnt mind seeing again too (If only to be brave enough to ask her name), but that is besides the point… i’m there for the surfing 😛

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3 Responses to Surfing

  1. Stefanoski says:

    Sounds like a typical surfing day out bro, great to hear you enjoyed the first time. Scarbs is good learning beach too, wish I’d taken up stand-up when I was over there. Glad you learned to do “the pop”, otherwise known as trying to stand up while throwing your board off the edge of a wave without breaking your knee. I’ve been loving surfing here lately, got sweet waves at Lorne last week. Perth must be alot warmer though!

  2. Da mudda says:

    come on you guys…own up about the bruises and sprained ankles and headfuls of sand and the sunburn…….I’m sure s4 would love to hear the whole story !!! (I have pictures to prove it all)he he

  3. Shelley says:

    Yes. The surfing. Whateva! It was a great day I must admit..and I’m sitting here looking like a snake…loosing my skin I mean..not no legs or arms.. eeh I’m going before I embaress myself anymore 🙂

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