I quit

Well i finally did it. I quit my job. Not that i have anything else to move onto, i was just sick of it. Funny thing was that my boss really liked me. I never knew, he always seemed funny to me. Now i just need to go and find another job, one in IT or something like that. So i finish up on Thursday for the Landscaping part and Sunday for the Retail Nursery part. So last chance to see me in a fluro pink shirt- EVER!!

I am happy and scared at the same time, what if i can’t find a new job soon enough?? You know the normal problems and worries. Good news though, i have an interview for a job on Monday mid-morning. Lets hope that this one is a bit better than the last 🙂

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2 Responses to I quit

  1. Noodlez says:

    Big decision. Hope it works out for you and that you find another job quickly.

  2. Da mudda says:

    shame the boss didn’t let on that he liked you whilst you were working your butt off for him eh ? Most people seem to find it hard to say anything positive I think… when a little word of praise or recognition would go such a long way to make peole feel like they matter and have value. I hope you get a really good job and that you enjoy yourself whilst waiting for it to appear… enjoy the sleep ins, beach (more surfing ?) and whatever else takes your fancy !!!
    keep smiling and being you !

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