Fiona Falkiner= hottie

OMG, what a hottie. From the minute i saw her in the previews of the biggest loser, i was so going Whoa!, stunner!. ( I also bet that she could win the whole thing, but that im not sure about now, sorry fiona.) So Damn she is hot, those eyes are just…mmmmelting. Sure she was a bit large when she started 101kg (223 pounds) , but meh i know people that have been that size and can still carry it. And no they aren’t guys. Sure it wouldn’t be healthy being that size for ever. But i’m sure it can be worked on, right? Mental voice: “Um Luke, she is on the biggest loser to lose weight you iiidiot!” I always think that appearence isn’t everything. I like to consider myself a sapiosexual. But now she is starting to lose the weight, she is looking hotter and hotter each episode. There are times when i think…”dude (refering to fiona) you are so stupid, why are you crying so freaking much.” Then i remember that she is going thru a hard time, and i can’t be angry at her. Also the fact that i haven’t even met her and probably won’t either makes me come back to reality. But if she happens to do a google search on herself, like the rest of us do (you can all admit it now). Hopefully she will find this and it will work out all good. The end.

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3 Responses to Fiona Falkiner= hottie

  1. bah she’s mine i want to go out with fiona every guy seems to be saying ooh! look at her she’s hot yadda yadda yadda and they do the same thing about most celebrities they do the same thing about krystal but let me just say that only one guy gets to go out with fiona she cant go out with everyone lol whats funny is guys around the nation seem to do this all the time over celebrities and girls do it over celebrity guys too ooh look at him or her she or he is so hot i want to go out with her yadda yadda yadda!

  2. Arianna says:

    I heard a rumor that Fiona is going to win Biggest Loser game. She has apparently lost more than 50kg and is now just over 50kg. That means that she has lost more than 50% of her body weight! She looks like a model! Go Fiona! Are there any news like this out there?

  3. Modi says:

    I am most definitely a sapiosexual.

    I googled my current boyfriend and am currently stalking him via his friend’s message board on a daily basis. I constantly click that “view all posts made by this user” link. he doesn’t know I know. I am psycho.

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