What you looking at 2 eyes?

I have to had to surcome to glasses. It was only going to be a “check up” damn me for being proactive! I thought that seeing that the appointment with the Optometrist was free (thanks Australian goverment for that!) It wouldn’t hurt would it? I did have to wear glasses some 8 years earlier, but they were for shortsightness, this time i have them for longsightness. So some hundreds of dollars later i walk out with new glasses. Acutally i was quite suprised at how quick i actually got them. Diagnoised, treated and broke all in six and a half hours. They sure know how to get money off you. The place i went to, was awesomely cool though. Gemma was awesome, so helpful. Why is it that all the people that work in those types of shops all wear glasses themselves? So anyhow i think they are funky and sexy looking glasses.

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2 Responses to What you looking at 2 eyes?

  1. Da mudda says:

    I don’t like the idea that you think you are a geek(I know I don’t know who you are even but I don’t like anyone thinking that way about themselves !!)
    Have you thought of contacts ???? anyway, who can say what “hot” is ?!!

  2. Welcome to the world of the sight-impaired!

    They all wear glasses because it good promotional work. Like, ‘look at us, we look so hot in our glasses. You can too!’

    That being said, i have never looked hot in glasses. I look like the geek that i am.

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