Manhunt Perth, Success

What a great idea. Basically it is a large game of Hide and seek. Except for Adults. So let me paint the picture for you. 16 adults running around the malls in the perth CBD on a busy sunday afternoon= FUN!

I was a bit nervous turning up, basically cause i didn’t really know anyone. Sure i had met a few of the people one time before. The normal nerves still pop up, so i got myself a drink first to settle the nerves down. It worked a treat (well it worked, not sure about the treat bit). It was then that i wondered over and some of the people recognised me, and they were all pretty friendly. After waiting around for 30mins we decided to pick the “hunter” by a giant game of paper, rock, scissors. If only life was as simple to decide everything by this method. We found a winner, but they were soon dropped for some late comers. It was then that i scampered off and tried to find somewhere nice to hide.

I headed straight for the department store. 5 levels, lots of people, good clothes racks. Sweet spot right? Wrong. It seemed that most people decided to try and hide in there. It was on my way out that i saw a large group of people walking towards me. I forgot to mention we all had green armbands on. So i decided to take the escalators downstairs, only to see the ONLY hunter! I tried to run thru the pots and pans, but i got stabbed in the chest by a pan handle. I’m cursing that handle right now. I was then tagged. 10 mins into the game, i have 50mins to catch other people.Not only 2 mins before i saw the large group of people did i think that i should jump in the lift, away from where everyone might be. Damn me for not following my gut! I basically ended up walking around for the rest of the time. I did manage to “tag” someone though. It was a great. Drama. Suspense. Action. It had it all.

I was walking down the pedestrian mall (hay st) with my arm behind my back, trying to hide the arm band. It was then that i spotted Tash. We had a bit of a tussle with a cosmetic rack in between us. I had somehow managed to trap her in a chemist shop, with an assistant watching us. I did kindly ask for Tash to play nice, and just give up. Alas she is not one to quit that easy. I tried reaching over to tag her. I even asked the shop assistant to hold her whilst i tagged her. Pfft, girls sticking together 😛 It ended in me giving her an out, onto the mall. Where i managed to track her down in about 20m. It was awesome fun. If you live in Perth or really, any other city. You should give it a go! I bet lots of people got good fun out of people running after each other. Thanks has to go to Dom for organising it though.

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3 Responses to Manhunt Perth, Success

  1. Phobia says:

    We really aren’t that interesting.

    Sadly I missed manhunt because I didn’t wake up in time to make it into the city. 🙁

    Oh well… Hopefully there is another game soon.

  2. Esther says:

    Wow, I like Perthians.

    They make everything sound interesting.


  3. Kirstin says:

    Hey bro…just been catching up on your news sounds as though you are having fun…what happened with the job from your previous job in melbourne is that still looking like it will happen??? nice that you ahve been in touch with Jess…she really appreciates the support so keeping sending it all….love you Kirst xoxox

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