Long time

Well i have not written for a while, been a busy little bunny. Lets see, i have got myself a new job. Whilst it is only temporary at the moment. It is keeping me really busy. 10hr days, w00t! I’m a courier, so getting to see lots of Perth. They mainly keep me up north, so there are lots of places that i don’t know, but am starting to find out more about this city. How bloody easy it is to get around. I’ll give you an example, middle of the day, major highway. Me and 2 more cars, that is it! Ahh easy work! Mainly i pickup doors and other big stuff like that, then deliver it. Not really hard, but i have a radio and a 2 way. Keeps me entertained. I need the money like anything! Why?

Cause I’m hoping to travel to Canada and the US of A for a year. Yep, work in Canada for the ski season and then travel around the place. Hopefully get to as many states as is possible in the time that i have. One thing that has been said to me many times is ” Your only young once” So i’m going to live it up. I don’t like living with regrets, so that is why i’m jumping at this opportunity. Hopefully i will be going with my little sis. Hopefully memories will evolve and last a lifetime. I’m thinking of getting another blog going about the whole trip, but can’t think of any cool names. Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to Long time

  1. Da mudda says:

    It’s Lucaspucasdiddleyducas……sounds a bit suss when you look at it long enough….
    What about Luke and Jess’excellent adventure ?
    or where’s Luke ? (like where’s wally ?)
    or hey dude, where’s yor brudda ?

  2. Jess says:

    Blog Names: inter-galah-tic
    Bloody hell it’s cold!
    Luke-cino man (like incino man- no insult meant)
    Lukanada or Lucanada
    Aussie Vs Canada
    Mr doocas-poocas (blame mum for my use of nicknames)
    What do you think?

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