One year on

Well it has been one year since i started this wonderful blog. i have learnt lots, and been greatful for all the comments that people write. I’ve had arguments, rants, opinions, and all manner of other stuff said on here in the last year. Its been great. Hopefully i can keep it up, i know that i want to. Just have to find my spark for writing again. Please keep the comments coming, i love them.
Its funny looking back at what you used to write. It feels sort of like going back in your childhood and reminiscing about events. I started out writing about fat people and then moved on to the Americian scene, even though i really don’t have a clue about it at all. I guess i have layed off that opinionated kind of stuff lately, not sure why either. Oh well, im hopefully going to be able to get a new theme up soon, so it will be a kind of a birthday present for the site! Hurray!

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