Workin’ Man

Been busy as hell lately. I managed to get another job though. So i have 2 maybe 3 at the moment. I’m a pizza delivery boy! Not the most glamerous job around, but at least the money i save (Mr Taxman, thanks for that- second jobs attract 50% tax on them) and earn, will help me get to canada. I just applied for my visa for Canada. Hopefully i will know in a few weeks, maybe less. So excited about going! 😛

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2 Responses to Workin’ Man

  1. da mudda says:

    dad & I are really going to miss both you guys… but we think it will be an amazing experience for you… just don’t go falling in love with anyone, like Uncle Greg did… he’s never come back !!! and I don’t know if we handle that !!!!!

  2. Kirst says:

    hey it is great that you are getting excited just don’t kill yourself before you go eh?? need you to be in one piece to get back as well… you kirst oxox maybe catch up on the weeekend if you free I am on call but will be around so sms if free and want to talk….

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