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Update on dad

Tweet Dad after his surgery Originally uploaded by The Gussy. Things went better than expected with dad’s surgery. They couldn’t tell the difference between tumour and brain. Which i hear is a good thing. We now have to wait until … Continue reading

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News update

Tweet Well things are getting better. If you could say that about Brain Tumors. Dad has been in Hospital since Tuesday, not cause he is sick or feeling unwell. Nope, just to hold his bed. Ya’ gotta fight the sick … Continue reading

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Me and Lauren

Tweet Me and Lauren Originally uploaded by The Gussy. So this is a photo of me and my Girlfriend at Kings Park. It was a great day, i managed to spill Champagne on myself about 3 times. I’m so co-ordinated … Continue reading

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Tweet Well things have been busy for me over the last little bit of the week. Let me explain. Monday- Worked with a cracking headache. Lauren (my Girlfirend) came over, and cooked dinner. Awesome. Tuesday- Took off work, cause i … Continue reading

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More News

Tweet My sister has written a Medical Jargon update. For those that are interested.Should know more news for you later on. Today is my Mum and Dad’s 32nd Wedding Anniversary.

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Ok, Ok… breathe

Tweet Now things are not going according to plan. It was meant to just be a stroke. But at the moment it is turning a whole lot more sour. Dad has had MRI’s, CAT scans, the works. The results? FUCKED. … Continue reading

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Aww Shit

Tweet Some not to good news to report. My dad has just had a stroke. He is over in Sydney for my Grandpa’s 80th birthday celebration. I’m really worried, like so worried i don’t know what to do. I want … Continue reading

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Tweet In new news i now have a Girlfriend. She is awesome. In the first 2 weeks we have been together, we have bought a house, had 3 kids, bought a house full of Ikea furniture and set plans for … Continue reading

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