Ok, Ok… breathe

Now things are not going according to plan. It was meant to just be a stroke. But at the moment it is turning a whole lot more sour. Dad has had MRI’s, CAT scans, the works. The results? FUCKED. It looks like and inoperable brain tumour at the base of his brain. Hurrah!(Note: Sarcasm!!) 52, and struck down with that. I don’t know many details at the moment. Like what it is called or where abouts in the brain it is, apart from location. The stupid thing is that in Sydney it is a public holiday on Monday, and he can’t be seen until Tuesday. Mmm, i know that Dr’s have lives, but you would think that at least 1 Neurosurgeon would be on call. Luckly my Dr Sister, is over there, throwing her weight around. Funny thing is that she is training to be a surgeon. More renal stuff I hear.
Thanks for all your prays etc, it means heaps. My Girlfriend has been awesome thru it all. She has let me cry on her shoulder many a time. I asked her today if it was all a dream, like an episode of House. Unfortunately not, bugger!

I so wanted to fly over yesterday and just give him a hug and tell him to be strong. SMS just doesn’t do it right. We have decided that if he is going under the knife that we will all fly over. Bugger saving for Canada, family is more important.

I tend to have moments when im all together and stoic. Then other moments i fall apart. A song, a thought, anything can set me off. Guys aren’t meant to be this emotional! Damn it!! yeah right, anyone that can handle this without crying or getting upset, is not in the real world.

So i wait and see what will happen till Tuesday. It is going to be the longest 2 days i think i have ever had to face. I can do it. (That last bit was more for me, positive re-enforcement)

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4 Responses to Ok, Ok… breathe

  1. Dan says:

    Hi, I came back and reread what I comment and I didn’t word it right and you might take it wrong. I hope everything turns out well for you and your family. Not all brain tumors are deadly… I knew this kid who was my best friend little brother who had a brain tumor. he was about 13 at the time. He had it takem care of and he lived. So pry and keep the good thoughts. my wishs are with you as you say “mat”


  2. dan says:

    sorry for the errors its died not did sorry about that i went theough spell check and I dont know how that happened

  3. Hey, I feel for you! I been there and know what you are going though! There’s nothing wrong about you crying, it’s your dad!!! Just because you a guy you still feel and crying part of it. I cry ed when my dad did. and my dad did when his brother and dad die. Hang in there and pry. Glad about your new girl friend and she sounds like a doll.

    take care now


  4. Simone says:

    I don’t have anything useful to say, except am thinking positive thoughts for you, and sending you some cyber karma!
    Good luck with getting through the next days, and I hope it won’t be as bad as it looks!

    And guys can get just as emotional as they need and want to be. At least you’re not keeping it inside you, that would just cause more problems later on probably.

    Good luck…


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