Well things have been busy for me over the last little bit of the week. Let me explain.

Monday- Worked with a cracking headache. Lauren (my Girlfirend) came over, and cooked dinner. Awesome.

Tuesday- Took off work, cause i still had massive headache. Cooked my sister dinner at her place. (She lives alone ATM in the family home) Got an awesome massage from Lauren. Helped a bit, but was still there.
Wednesday- Took off work again, cause of the massive headache that was still present. Went to Dr’s. She said that it was a “stress’ headache. (I kind of knew that, but wanted to be doubly sure, she even offered doing scans to put my mind at ease.) Met up with Lauren in the city. Was short but sweet. Got cooked dinner, it rocked again.

So if you didn’t know, i am a bit of a stressed chicken at the moment. So much so it is making me not able to work. Personally i think that im trying to see as many Dr’s as dad is, somehow i think i am loosing.

How am i going? Getting there. Things are hard, people are being really helpful and friendly. I dont think it would be the same over in Sydney or any other Capital city really. Perth is a speical place. Dad and Mum are coming home on Saturday night, so i am picking them up. It will be a bit weird, knowing that things have happened, but not being “their” and “apart of it” so to speak. Least i get to drive dad’s Honda 😀 I have shirked most job responsibilty for the weekend.

I know that this is a bit of a rambling entry, and i normally don’t write like this. Meh, something new. Anyhoo, i managed to speak to Dad the other night. Wasn’t as freaky or weird as i thought it would be. Sure he was “out of it” a bit, not nearly as much as i thought he would be. I was thinking it would be like talking to someone that wouldn’t know who i was, it wasn’t. He was still himself, just saying some funny/ weird things. Like “there is something wrong up there”… and then correcting himself saying it is a tumor. I think mum “reminded” him. 😛 I had to crack the joke about him becoming more like mum though, i don’t think he got it. (Mum doesn’t remember things well, even her kids names!!) Overall it was a good chat, just wish i could have given him a big hug.

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2 Responses to Update

  1. Dan says:

    hang in there and keep up the good thoughts. Hey how about an photo of this supper new gal of yours? She seems like a doll.


  2. Budman says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for checking out my blog. I think it’s cool I got people like you and your sister reading what I have to show/say all the way from Australia! In other news, Manhunt is picking up here, although every time we’ve done it it’s rained. On the bright side, I bumped into one of the organizers and he told me hey had just finished filming a “mock manhunt” for some tv show that he thinks is broadcating it in Australia.
    I also read what happened to your dad on Jess’ blog and hope everything works out.

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