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Well things are getting better. If you could say that about Brain Tumors. Dad has been in Hospital since Tuesday, not cause he is sick or feeling unwell. Nope, just to hold his bed. Ya’ gotta fight the sick off with people that look fit and well. He is in Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, getting A class meals. Better than home cooked, so i hear. (I gotta get me some of that!! :P)

He is having a Operation to try and remove most of the tumor on Tuesday next (27th June). Going to take about 3-4 hrs. Then he goes into Intensive care for a bit then we start on the Radio/Chemotherapy. The Dr sounds really nice. There is a possiblity that he might become a Hemiplegic. Not looking forward to that, if it happens. Dr it possitive though.
I haven’t visited dad in hospital yet. I’m hoping to on Sunday, all things working out nicely with work. I don’t know if i can be strong enough too. Its funny how the brain works (when there isn’t bad things in there) i feel like it is releasing enough information for me to handle at a time. The whole thing is so large, and so fast. I feel overwhelmed with it all, i still have to do the whole “breathe” thing, Just to get thru the day. We will see what tomorrow holds, and deal with that when it comes.

People think i’m weird. I still smile, about what is going on. Not like i want my dad to die. That isn’t meant to happen for many years. God willing it will be years. I just know that everything is being done that is humanly possible. If (unfortunately) it’s time, then its time. It will suck more than my heart and head can take, but it will have happened for a reason. Make me a stronger person, and i will grow from it. I already know that we as a family have said things to each other that haven’t been said before.

Like my mum- ” I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all you kids – it has been so wonderful for both dad and I to see what had been built into you – the lovely caring wonderful people that you have each become. It has been a blessing to us to see how each of you has responded to this crappy situation. Each, in your own unique ways, have given your love and support and care to us and we are so grateful for each one of you. Thank you my lovelies. “

Until next update, i’ll try and get away from sad stuff. Just it dominates so much at the moment. You understand.

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3 Responses to News update

  1. Luna says:

    I was wondering about how he was. Glad to hear he’s doing okay…here is hoping that everything goes well! Best wishes from the city of Brotherly love!

    PS If this makes you feel a littel better, have a friend that a couple of years back had such surgery (also a tumor, can’t say it was the same thing) and he’s doing allright!

  2. Dan says:

    hey that’s great news. That good all is working out for you. Don’t think about Dieing, he going make it. keep up the good thoughts and smiles Pal. stay close to your family.

    Maine, USA

  3. Simone says:

    Yeah we understand! Well I do!!! Don’t worry about it!
    Thanks for the update. Fingers crossed!
    Must be wierd getting comments from me, someone you don’t know at all! But I just couldn’t read this and not comment! Even though I have nothing at all useful to say 🙁

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