Update on dad

Dad after his surgery

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Things went better than expected with dad’s surgery. They couldn’t tell the difference between tumour and brain. Which i hear is a good thing. We now have to wait until the biopsies come back before we can get our hopes up really high. At the moment i’m dreaming that this could be all over. He has a giant horse shoe shaped scar from one side of his ear to the other, held in with staples. I haven’t seen it cause well i will feel ill.

One thing that has come out of this is how strong family really is. It is awesome. It is also proving hard for me to say “I love you” to my dad. I can say “Yeah same” when he says it to me, but the other way is just hard. Its not that i don’t love him. I do, he is my dad. Why wouldn’t i love him? Just those words get stuck in my throat. It is just a guy thing? Do chicks have the same problem? I’m not sure, all i know is that i want to thank everyone for there support. It has been amazing, the words from you have kept me going. So thanks! 😀 Lets hope that things keep going up from here!

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  1. Ingrid says:

    Saying ‘I love You’ is always really hard, you want to say it but the words get stuck between your heart and your mouth and although you try it can be very hard to actually say them out loud.

    Speak from the heart when you say those words and you’ll find it comes out easier than passing them by your head and allowing yourself to hesitate by thinking about it.

    Once you’ve mastered the courage to say it you will be glad you did it!

  2. Gussy says:

    Well he used to do sales sorta work. National sales manager and stuff like that, but just changed to try his hand at Morgage broking. Guess that is buggered now.

  3. Dan says:

    ha ha ha ha sorry for all the errors i push before checking. sorry. 🙂
    by the way what type of work does your dad do?


  4. Dan says:

    Hey that is so great and I happy all turn out. You know I am older and when I was grown up we had roll modles like John Wayen and Clint Eastwood and browson(I know I spelled that name worng). We where program to think like those guy hard and touff. IN 1980’s, I saw a interview with John wayan and he broke down and cryed. You think even those guys are touff and hard but they not. We was brought up to think and act like them hard and be a man man, they were our roll modles for us growning up. After seeing that interview I know it was ok to cry and let your feeling out. I am saying is, Feel what you feel and cry when you need to and tall you Dad how much you Love him. Family is very importent and family you always can count on them no matter what. you have a very nice family I went thouogh all your photos and saw them.

    that great news Gussy and hope you dad back on his feet soon.

    take care
    Maine USA

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